About The Studio

Attuned, contemporary and straightforward. Humbert put all his energy into the design and implementation of conscious architecture, combining content and form to best meet the expectations of all the stakeholders of a project. During the last 13 years as an architect and project manager at the agencies 3A Architects, Vallet DeMartinis Architects, EL Studio and StudioMB, he was able to address a vast number of programs on multiple scales and with various issues. This allowed him to build theoretical as well as technical experience based on architecture, construction, ethnology, urbanism and contemporary art. Today, armed with the education implicit in the act of building acquired through contact with companions and sharing their expertise, he strive sto reveal the riches of the places where it operates. It is beginning to develop the symbolic and narrative meaning of the program without neglecting environmental issues. All projects presented below embody the ambitions to deploy a contextual sensitivity, deepen rational rigor and apply an ecological sustainability that underpins the daily work of the agency. (I’m not the author of some of the projects but participated in their development)