A propos de ce projet

It's in a former textile factory on the outskirts of Paris where this young couple decided to settle down. Without hesitation they acquired this loft, bought as is on rue Diderot in Montreuil. This 750 SF duplex area is atypical with its very long shape but also with the size and position of its openings. The ground floor has 3 bay windows with high sills, while on the upper floor there are skylights and an antique glass canopy. Discovering the child's soul preserved by the clients, we proposed to them to keep this space as open as possible, and to develop two "cabins" to sleep in. The second volume, the children's room, has its siding turn on the underside of the slab to enhance the levitation effect of the box and leave its mark on the lounge area. Both bedrooms possess an inner window, allowing the light provided by the skylight to reach the living room through the perforated cladding. The bathtub is under the large canopy to enjoy the view of the sky as well as the recess of the stairs that is between the two volumes of wood. Upstairs, the position of the staircase minimizes the traffic areas, on the ground floor, we handled its bottom as a piece of furniture so that it doesn't break the overall perception of the space. Once past the height of 3 feet, the staircase is suspended to allow the eyes to capture the entire volume. Thus, two wooden cladding volumes clear a vertical path form the upstairs bedrooms. The large box (the parents') is placed on the ground floor, and it houses the kitchen, the first bathroom, a work space and makes a filter along with the entry.