OWNERS: Private
DESIGNER: Jean-Michel Humbert
LOCATION: Clemery/France
CONTRACT: Design/Build
AREA: 180,000SF

It is in the small village of Clémery, 20 km from Nancy, that a family in the making wanted to settle. Leaving the historic center of town, the plot of 32,000 SF was facing a new subdivision.

Caught between the traditional typology of the residential strip along the main street, the new pavilions and fields of wheat, we attempted to mitigate the sometimes invasive gaze of neighbors close by on the new living space without neglecting the connection to the surrounding rural landscape.

The project is a compact volume situated perpendicular to the street and away from all the lot limits. Although zoning code did not require it, the roof is sloped for easy integration with the neighboring houses and meets the image that the client wanted for their «house.»
Inside this volume encased in wood, the spaces are organized according to their privacy. The garage, laundry room and pantry are right on the street, while the man’s office and the master suite is overlooking the fields opposite.

At the heart of the house, they were gathered along a deck facing west. The living spaces are formed by a monumental piece of furniture that hides storage space, the stereo system and kitchen. Three passages were provided, in addition to distributing the rooms or the entrance, they open the view on the other side of the garden, facing east. The link to the amenity areas was the subject of great attention, the interior and exterior flooring was chosen to blend and dispel the perception of «inside» and «outside.»

Wood siding, lacquered steel and zinc roofing elements give consistency to the project that kept vernacular elements with shutters or the roof slope to bring imagination to the house.

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Plan H /Jean-Michel Humbert - 2019
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